LAHORE - The Supreme Court on Saturday once again disallowed formula-milk sale without clearly printing on the packs that “it is not natural milk”.

However, it gave the importers and local manufacturers four to six months reprieve to clear their existing stocks.

A two-member bench headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar heard the suo motu case at the Supreme Court Lahore registry.

The CJP restrained the companies from using the word “milk” on their products.

Addressing Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan, who was representing the formula milk manufacturers association, the CJP said that Rs10,000 fine imposed on him during the last hearing had been paid from his own pocket. The CJP quoted his son as saying that he would pay the fine of “his uncle” (Aitzaz).

During the proceedings, the formula milk companies presented an advertisement before the court, saying that it had clearly been mentioned on the packs that “it is food nutrient” for children “above six months” of age.

Aitzaz said that it had also been mentioned on the sachets [of formula milk powder] that “breast feeding is best” [for children].

The CJP asked the lawyer to mention on the packs that this formula is for a child that is at least six months old.

Aitzaz said they have already complied with the earlier court order and mentioned the given directions on their products.

The CJP observed that they had also ordered the companies to clearly mention on their products that “it is not natural milk”. “We can’t allow [the sale] till it is done,” the CJP observed.

The bench gave six months to the importers of formula milk and four months to the local manufacturers to end their existing stocks, and sale the products after fully complying with the court orders after that period.