islamabad - The trend of giving priority to technical and vocational education by female students was on the rise to avail better job opportunities in the future.

According to a research, mostly girls students living in urban areas of the country after passing their matriculation level exams, give preference to get admission in any technical institution rather admission in college for doing simple bachelor in arts or science.

It said that this trend was prevailing in mainly urban areas due to lack of job opportunities for those who spend their sixteen years in education but fail to get any job while on other hand those who get study from technical institutions avail job importunity easily. The study claimed that the perception in girls youth of safe future from technical education compelled them to get admission for two or three year long technical course or six month short course and than start earning for their family.

It said that these days female are more inclined towards technical education comparatively to other fields so that it could be beneficial for them to be able to do something productive in society for livelihood for their family.

The report said that this trend was making a tremendous impact on the quality of life of women folk.

Humaira Khan, a former student of technical and vocational institute said: “After completing six month short course of beautician, I started by own business at home and now getting very positive response from customers.”

She advised the young girls to pay more focus on such short course like beautician, cloth-stitching, dress designing, embroidery etc and start their business at home with limited investment.

A female student Saba Ahmed said: “Women can definitely contribute in growth and development of the country. Therefore, it is essential to take suitable measures for expansion of vocational and technical education for women”.

“There is a need to promote technical and vocational skills in the women for economic independence. Efforts to develop a scientific temper and awareness should be stepped up. Special measures must be taken for their training in area where they have special skills like communication and information technology,” she further said.