Every day newspapers tell us heart-rending stories of many incidents of fraud. In offices, no file moves until the dealing officials get the “kharcha pani”. In police stations, no case is registered unless the affected party pleases the officials. No doubt, it is not the same everywhere, but it is true that in the majority of the cases it happens like this.

In our society, honest and gentle people are few in number. The majority consists of corrupt people. The techniques that we use to cheat others are quite amazing. In performing negative actions, we are at the top. We devise surprising tricks to deceive others, and we stoop to the lowest ebbs of immorality for the sake of material gains. This feature is common in a street hawker as well as a big industrialist.

The main cause of this widespread corruption is the lack of contentment. The general restlessness and dreariness are contributing factors in this regard. Everyone in our society is under a constant threat, and no one is sure of what is going to happen next moment. This uncertainty has given rise to this state of affairs.

The society that ignores religion falls prey to corruption. If the man who is committing fraud has the fear of God, he will never indulge in this act. As we have broken our links with religion, we have no sense of right or wrong. We have forgotten the golden rules set by our elders.

The corrupt rulers have forgotten the practices of Hazrat Omar (RA). Hazrat Omar (RA) kept awake during the nights, and took a round of the city to observe the real situation of his society. He held himself responsible if even a dog died of hunger. Do our rulers or politicians show this type of the character?

To control corruption, we have to make our people true Muslims. Only our religion can guarantee the purity of body and soul. It teaches us the lesson of simplicity and contentment. It will make us God-fearing. If everyone becomes gentle and considerate, there will be no corruption at all. For this purpose, we should learn to have a trial of our own selves. This is the only way to control this social evil.


Karachi, March 8.