SUKKUR                     -              All districts of northern Sindh, including big and small towns, witnessed a complete lockdown on the second day of the 14-day lockdown as the security forces and police patrolled roads and streets to enforce the provincial government’s decision to keep people at their homes amid rising tally of the coronavirus cases. In Sukkur, the number of coronavirus positive cases has reached 394, including 83 of local transmission in the city and 109 of Sukkur phase-II. Out of 833 pilgrims arrived at Sukkur in phase-II 677 were found negative and only 109 came positive, said Sukkur Commissioner Shafique Mahesar on Tuesday.

The law-enforcement agencies (LEAs) arrested over 200 people for violating section 188 of the Pakistan Penal Code and Section 04 of the Sindh Epidemic Diseases Act, 2014, as per the Sindh government’s notification about the lockdown. According to SSP Sukkur Irfan Ali Samo, over 11 cases had been registered against those violating the ban.

Meanwhile, Deputy Commissioner (DC) Sukkur, Rana Adeel Taswar also visited parts of the Sukkur city to ensure that the lockdown as announced by the provincial government was enforced in letter and spirit. The deputy commissioner also visited grocery and other shops that are exempted from the closure and checked the availability of basic food and other items. He asked the people to refrain from coming out on roads unnecessarily in order to make the governments’ efforts to control the spread of Covid-19 successful.