Rahim Yar Khan -Coronavirus is the first outbreak of any disease since 1968-69 that has been declared a global pandemic by the United Nations.

According to sources, several million people have gone to the valley of death due to global outbreaks during the last 150 years. During last few years on the basis of scientific research and achievements made by various countries, it was claimed that there would be no new global outbreak in the world, but coronavirus outbreak negated all these claims. The devastation has wreaked havoc on the entire world economy. According to sources, the largest global outbreak in the history was caused by smallpox which killed more than 500 million people worldwide including Pakistan during 1877 and 1977, while H1N1 infected more than 100 million people worldwide during 1918-1920. Similarly, more than 32 million people lost their lives worldwide including AIDS since 1920 till now. More than two million people were killed due to H2 N2 influenza during 1957 and 1958. A new global outbreak of Encephalitis Lethargica during 1915 - 1926 killed 1.5 million people. During 1968-69, H3N2 Hong Kong influenza caused more than a million deaths worldwide. Global outbreak worldwide in 1899 and 1923 claimed 0.8 million lives. The global plague killed 40,000 people worldwide during 1910 and 1912. The latest UN reports said that more than 17,000 people have lost their lives worldwide due to the Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19). The death toll from this virus is still high. It is learnt that over the last 150 years, thousands of people have died due to malaria and other global outbreaks, but during the last 50 years it was expected that there may be no new global outbreaks due to modern research but the coronavirus has falsified all such claims and have raised concerns around the world.