Lahore                   -               Spokesman of Lahore Police has dismissed criticism by dress designer Maria B on registration of a First Information Report (FIR) against her husband, saying that Lahore Police took timely action and sent a firm message to other violators.

The Spokesman clarified that the husband of Maria B, Tahir Saeed, transported his employee namely Hafiz Umar Farooq, out of the city despite knowing that the laboratory test of the later for coronavirus infection was found positive. In the present emergency situation reporting of such incidents to health department is compulsory.  According to the spokesman, coronavirus patient Hafiz Omar met a number of people during journey and in his native village, Karampur, Tehshil Melsi, leaving hundreds of innocent people vulnerable to contracting the virus.

“Despite the ongoing emergency situation all over the world, the accused Tahir Saeed was found guilty of criminal activity on his part”. On having information, Nishtar Colony police station registered case No. 1174/20 against the accused and arrested him. Later the accused was released on bail according to the law.

“It is unfortunate that after putting lives of hundreds of people in danger, Maria B is criticizing the police” regretted the Spokesman. “After Tahir Saeed’s criminal act, the entire village will have to be kept in quarantine. In this regard, the health department has initiated measures” the statement said. The spokesperson said that the police fulfilled their duty under Section 144 and Police Order and would continue taking actions against law breakers.