ISLAMABAD - A SKYPE group has been formed to facilitate video conferencing of parliamentary leaders in the National Assembly and Senate, scheduled to be held today.

The speaker National Assembly took this initiative to gather par­liamentary leadership in Nation­al Assembly and Senate together to forge a unified stand on how to control the spread of corona virus and its drastic negative impact on economy of the country.

The parliamentary leaders have been requested to make it conven­ient to attend the meeting.

In case of their inability to par­ticipate in the meeting in Islama­bad they may ensure their partic­ipation through the SKYPE group created for the purpose.

The parliamentary leaders have further been urged to provide their SKYPE IDs on mobile num­ber (03345019958) facilitating the I.T Wing of the National As­sembly secretariat to add their IDs in the group.

The meeting will discuss the is­sue of setting up a parliamentary committee to address the poten­tial risks of the corona virus and its adverse effects on the economy.