ISLAMABAD         -               All Pakistan CNG Association (APCNGA) central chairman Ghiyas Abdullah Paracha on Tuesday suggested the government to increase the import of liquefied natural gas (LNG) as currently its prices in international markets were at the lowest level. “Imported LNG has become cheaper than the locally-produced natural gas. So it will be better to import more and more gas,” he said in a press release. In the prevailing world market trends, he said the government should promote LNG and waive of customs duty on its import, adding “there should be limit on local production to save billions of dollars.” “Such a decision will help save precious and scarce resource of gas which can be used in case the LNG price jumps up in the international market.” Paracha said increased import of LNG would help reduce the price of gas without spending a hefty amount on subsidies. “It will also result in availability of economical gas and electricity, giving a boost to economic activities and creating job opportunities for unemployed youth.” He requested the government to reduce the CNG sector taxes as the industry was passing through difficult times, and sought a bailout package for the CNG industry.