ISlamabad                  -            She’s recently become an advocate for social distancing, encouraging her 167 million followers to stay safe at home. But Kylie Jenner is starting to find herself bored while being holed up in her  california mansion with her two year old daughter Stormi to avoid the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. The 22 year old mogul took to Instagram, sharing some selfie videos while hanging out on her couch. Sitting in a black sweatshirt, with a white cross detail on the upper left and a swirled design on one sleeve, she wrote about herself ‘she’s bored.’ Kylie is most often seen on her social media with extra-long long hair often reaching her waist or farther thanks to extensions and her large wig collection. But recently she has been showing her fans her natural hair, which is in a very short ‘long bob’ cut, and that she recently bleached to a golden blonde.