ISLAMABAD - As many as 57% Pakistanis believe that the deposed judges will be restored while 41% think there is little or no chance of this happening, says Gallup Exit Poll report released here on Saturday. On the question of reconciliation towards sitting judges, the survey says that 35% of the respondents are of the view that the judges should be retained while a larger number, 43% says that they should not be retained if the deposed judges were reinstated. In the Gallup Exit Poll report, 56 per cent Pakistanis favored peace agreement with local Taliban, 19 per cent opposed and the remaining 26 per cent did not gave a view. On the performance ratings of the Prime Minister, the survey reveals, "38% give favorable ratings to the Prime Minister's performance, 20% give unfavorable rating, 41% give tolerable rating and 2% did not give a response". On the question of Aitzaz's participation in the by-elections, 54% are of the view that Aitzaz Ahsan should participate in the elections while 21% are opposed to this. On the question of Aitazaz Hasan political career, the survey reported that 42% people were of the view that he should quit PPP.   When the respondents in the exit poll were asked about the responsibility of current inflationary wave, 39% blamed corruption of the former government, 28% for wrong economic policies and 27% said that it was the new government's lack of attention towards actual problems.