BEIJING (AFP) - Eight giant pandas were flown Saturday from quake-ravaged southwestern China to Beijing, where they will be housed at a new zoo exhibit built for the Olympic Games, state press said. The endangered bears arrived from the famed breeding ground in Wolong, a town only 30 kilometres (18 miles) from the epicentre of the quake that has left nearly 87,000 people dead or missing. The pandas were shown on state television at Beijing Capital Airport being taken off a Boeing 747 aircraft in cages and then whisked off to the city's zoo. At the zoo, the pandas were seen sniffing around their new home as the media and zoo goers looked from outside the newly expanded glass enclosure. "The pandas have recovered from any nervousness about the quake and are all in good condition," Xinhua news agency quoted Weng Pengyan, vice head of the Wolong centre, as saying. The pandas, all two years of age and part of an ongoing baby boom at the Wolong centre, were selected months ago in an Internet vote as the chosen ones to beef up Beijing Zoo's exhibit ahead of the August Olympic Games. The zoo has expanded the enclosure to accommodate the additional animals and will soon open a Giant Panda Museum which will document efforts to save the endangered species, a zoo spokeswoman earlier told AFP. The panda is one of the world's most endangered species, with an estimated 1,600 in nature parks in Sichuan, Gansu and Shaanxi provinces, and 239 in captivity, according to Chinese media.