Day by day, the pressure being brought to bear on government to reinstate the sacked judiciary is being ratcheted up. The bar associations, political parties, media organizations, HR organizations, retired jurists and 'legal experts' are all insisting very shrilly and vocally upon the restoration of judges and when they want it and how they want it. This has brought some pressure to bear upon not just the entrenched establishment but also on a fragile coalition government, beset by unimaginable challenges. A coalition between two parties that hated the ground the other walked on came into existence against immense odds. Personal animosities and indignities were set aside, hard compromises were made and all was done under the watchful and malicious eye of an establishment that has had its snout in the trough for close to a decade now. To push this government so ruthlessly at its very inception into this battle is no service to democracy and will lead only to a situation that is being prayed for by the status quo itself. Who will we hold responsible if everything comes crashing down? The same lawyers and experts who are a constant presence on our TV screens every hour on the hour with a new threat, demand or challenge? Who talk not of strengthening democracy and democratic forces but only of long marches and strikes and boycotts and shut downs? Will they accept responsibility? Or will those fringe political parties (shut out from Parliament) who hijacked the lawyers' movement be held responsible? -RAANA SHAH, Karachi, via e-mail, May 9.