ISLAMABAD - A group of 10 rising artists exhibited their work titled 'Summer Bloom' at gallery 6 Saturday, portraying varieties of art under one roof.   Renowned artists belonging to Karachi, Islamabad, Chakwal, Faisalabad and New Jersey (USA) exhibited their artwork for press preview that will open today (Sunday). The exhibition included abstract work of Arjumand Hussain and Aziz Hasan. Irshad Salim, Aftab Zafar, Ather Jamal, Amjad Hussain and Rind demonstrated figurative work while Abdul Jabbar Gull and Shahid Hussain came up with their stunning sculptures. Abstract painter Aziz Hasan has four large compositions and handles the space well and depicts good control over his movements. The variation in colours from red canvas to dark dull grey depicts the mood of artist but also shows his control in dealing with different hues with equal control. Another artist Irshad Salim's abstract work is remarkably simple but mature. He appears to have control and command over form and colours. His child like images creates an attractive innocence in his statement. He lives in USA, but the titles reflect that Pakistan remains in his thoughts as evident from 'Basant' and 'hope never dies'. Arjumand Hussain's works are bright and distinct. He has evolved a style and the subdued imagery inter-played with colour movements reflects the intensity of emotions in his action paintings. The exhibition includes figurative work of four artists. Aftab Zafar comes up with his figurative work. In watercolours he has nine illustrations and charcoal depicting dances of Pakistan, portraits of men from NWFP, Balochistan and Sindh and a thematic work on a Balti girl. Ather Jamal has painted women in five different postures. The large full sheet painting is outstanding, as it seems that the women will speak to the viewer any minute. In contrast, Amjad Hussain's figurative work in oil paints and acrylic is very different. Rind from Sindh brings lot of colours in his two canvases. His subject is the beauty of women that he has presented well. The paintings are beautiful decorative works to which most buyers are attracted. Lahore within walled city has been painted meticulously by Mohammad Ilyas. The show has also two sculptors Abdul Jabbar Gul and Sha