The new government has been in office for only a few weeks and it is too early to pass a judgement on its performance but the signs do not auger well for the future. There are many problems which it is required to tackle. The Security problems on our North West Frontier; the law and order situation in the country; inflation, water and power shortage; the rising price of fuel and the prices of food commodities which are now beyond the reach of nearly half the population of the country are grave matters that it must tackle. These cannot, however be dealt with effectively just by changes in policies until those in power realize that the nation faces a grave crisis and a big change in its thinking is required if we are to control the situation to remove these difficulties. For this it is important that our rulers realize that they are the rulers of a country that is virtually bankrupt and which is facing a grave crisis. There are daily reports of suicides because people cannot support their families and cannot feed their children. If those in power do not wake up to this reality, we would be facing a revolution, the outcome of which could well be the end of a democratic system that we have been trying to establish in the country. The style of living of our rulers and their concept of government requires a major change. In almost every department of our activities there is a need for a revolutionary change. Mere tinkering with things will not do. For example the size of the National and Provincial Governments requires a close look. When Liaquat All Khan was the Prime Minister the Federal Government had less then ten Ministers. Our previous Cabinet of Shaukat Aziz was about 70 and the present, along with deputy Ministers and Advisers will soon be approaching a hundred. In Balochistan a government of 38 Ministers was sworn in the other day and almost everyone in the coalition government parties is a minister. Sindh and the NWFP are no different. The judiciary will not be far behind. The amount of state funds wasted on jaunts abroad and unnecessary visits to foreign countries are a totally unjustified load on the nation. The Prime Minister of the previous Interim Government, took a PIA aircraft to Saudi Arabia for Umra. Almost all Umras by Pakistani Presidents and Ministers have always been done at government expense. This visit cost the PIA $ 2.8 million. The Queen of England on the other hand, recently travelled to Australia on a state visit on a scheduled Australian Airline aircraft. It is such actions of the government that has reduced our national airline to near bankruptcy. Additional facilities that will be required to be provided by the State for these VIPs will multiply and with other perks and facilities, the burden on the State will increase. When to such facilities is added the expenses on other 'entitlements', the financial burden on the poor taxpayer becomes formidable. Mr. Asif All Zardari who enjoys no official office is being provided all the facilities including transport and security as is done for the President and the Prime Minister. There is no earthly reason why the taxpayer should pay for his transport or the elaborate security arrangements which he undoubtedly needs. Either his political party or he himself should pay for it and both can, afford it. There are numerous other fields in which economy can be affected which can bring relief to the suffering people of the country.