KARACHI - The Governing Body of Lyari Development Authority (LDA), which met here on Saturday under the chairmanship of City Nazim Syed Mustafa Kamal, raised the salaries to Rs 6000 of all such employees who were drawing Rs 1500 a month. The meeting also decided to fix the price of plots for members of KDA Officers Association at Rs 600 per sq yard. The meeting was attended by DCO Karachi Javed Hanif, DG LDA Ateeq Baig and members of Governing Body. The meeting was told that 55 such employees are working in LDA whose monthly salary is Rs 1500 and, therefore, their salaries be increased to Rs 4500. Nazim Karachi, however, regretted that even Rs 4500 in the present day was too meager and, therefore, the minimum salary should be Rs 6000. Regarding schemes approved in the jurisdiction of LDA and MDA, the DG LDA informed the meeting that while issuing any NOC, the recommendations made in the Master Plan 2020 are being kept in view. Mustafa Kamal directed that clearance from Master Plan department must be ensured for schemes in the jurisdiction of two development authorities and asked EDO Master Plan to take necessary steps in this regard. The meeting gave approval to the appointment of consultant for preparing an amended Master Plan of entire scheme for beautification of Hawksbay beach and to make it a center of focus for tourists from world over. Addressing the meeting Nazim Mustafa Kamal pointed out that world over, beaches have been beautified and, therefore, all constructions to be made at Hawksbay beach should be beautiful under the Master Plan. He said that this beach be developed as per modern trends and be made so much beautiful that this area may become a source for revenue generation for entire country and it may become the door for economic progress for Sindh Province which would bring a change in the life style of people. He said we have marketed Karachi world over and a subsidiary company Al-Nakeen of Dubai Bank has showed interest to develop this area. Therefore, he directed that planning of the entire area be carried out and its master plan prepared. Nazim Karachi directed that NADRA's assistance be obtained in order to ensure transparent balloting in the LDA's new scheme so that public confidence in the government organisations remains intact. He said that NADRA has taken time in preparing computerisation process which delayed balloting. However, the process should now be carried out at the earliest.