KARACHI (APP) - Former World No two Saleh Muhammad's brilliant run in Thailand Professional Ranking Snooker Tournament finally come to a halt when he went down fighting 3-5 to Noppadol Sangnil of Thailand on Saturday, according to message received here. The 35-year-old from Peshawar Saleh started well by taking 2-1 lead. But went down in close finish following a four-and-half hour marathon encounter. Noppadol won the pre-final 59-4, 16-62, 18-54, 65-51, 63-52, 62-60, 41-52, 73-39. However, Saleh will be collecting handsome prize money of 30,000 Thai Bahat as losing semi-finalist in Bahat 250,000-prize money championship. After conceding the first frame, Saleh did well in the next two to capture a 2-1 advantage. Pakistan star cueist Saleh could have extended the upper hand but let his rival off the hook when he squandered a 51-24 lead in the fourth frame, miscuing a safety shot that allowed Noppadol to level the frame at 2-2. By then, the heavy humidity caused by un-seasonal heavy rains in Bangkok, had settled into the green baize, making the balls jump off the cushions and skid more than expected. What followed then was a battle of misses that provided enough to keep the large crowd engrossed in the battle. As expected, Noppadol, a no stranger to such playing conditions, adapted to the situation well and won two close frames in a row to gain a 4-2 lead. Saleh, who impressed the local fans with a break of 134 points on Friday night, tried to wrest back the control by taking the seventh frame 52-41, but Noppadol was in no mood to let the place in final slip from his hand.