Deposed chief justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudry has urged upon the media and lawyers community to high light the decision of seven member bench of apex court made on November 03 2007 as all the judges were stopped to take oath under PCO but some judges after violating the decision took oath under PCO. Therefore now this has to be decided by the nation of the country that they want the judges that makes decisions of their own or the judges that makes decision as per rules of law. He was addressing country wide lawyers convention held at district bar association Faisalabad here on Sunday morning. Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudry said that if masses want rule of law they want judiciary of November 02 2007. He said that people have expressed that they want change. Justice Iftikhar said that when on June 16 2007 I came to Faisalabad bar we faced rain fall but at that time the gathering of people was not as huge like todays as today the masses, civil society members, women, children, students, laborers and political workers had proved that they want change. He said that it has been proved that every thing is going towards success and I have believed that success will give us victory because every one is present here. He said that with the people I am addressing are sensible and they known every thing. He said that I am thankful to the people that gave us honor, love and respect; it means the people had decided that they love us and wants the rule of law and supremacy of constitution in the country. He said that lawyers belong to a profession that understands the history of the country. He said that justice Munir, justice Anwar ul Haq, Nusrat Bhutto and Zafar Ali shah all the decisions were made on the directives of dictatorships but the time comes when you decided that now only rule of law should be implemented. He said that on November 02 2007 the counsel Aitzaz Ahsan of justice retired Wajeeh ud din entered a writ petition that PCO can be imposed. He maintained that on November 03 five judges of Supreme Court feel that illegal and unconstitutional steps can be taken in the country and we received such information's from electronic and print media too on which Supreme Court seven judges stopped all the judges to take oath under pco but some people violated the directives. He said that Judi cry will be restored on its November 03 2007 position and all the judges that violated the orders of November 03 will be punished. He said that pco was imposed that apex court is interfering the matters of executive but this blame cannot be accepted because if apex court was interfering in the executive maters than what was the offense of Khawaja Sharif and his companions of Lahore high court and other judges of the high courts. He said that this point should be focused that if Supreme Court was interfering than what was the offense of the judges of other high courts. He said that the judges who gave sacrifices on November 03 are judges. He said that now nation has to decide that what kind of judiciary they want, the judiciary that makes decisions on its own will or the judiciary that makes decision under rule of law. He said that this has to be decided by the nation. He said that I with full confidence is expressing that the judiciary of November 02 will be restored that will work for your rights. He said that after 60 years the time had come when country has to make its decisions. Masses, lawyers, political and civil society members have to make their decisions. He said that I am thankful to lawyer's community in this regard that they are struggling from past 14 months. He said that the cases against political workers are also registered in the movement for the restoration of democracy therefore lawyers should support such political workers. Justice Iftikhar said that I will say to district courts to make decisions on more and more possible cases so that people can have relief. He said that the constitution of the country had suffered a lot know we have run the country only with the constitution. He said that know we will not let any change to come in our country and people have to make decision on it who love constitution. He said that the nations that do not compromise on its principles remain successful and those who do not do so they have no stability and future because there is no confidence for the protection of rights. He said that if such tradition came in our country it would be very dangerous. He said that I am not a politician but our currency is getting devalued because there is no confidence on institutions. He added that we have to save our country from such situation. He said that lawyers had always given many sacrifices. He said that bench and bars have close relationship. He appealed lawyers for more and more cooperation. He said that lawyers have to give little more sacrifices for rule of law and constitutions supremacy. He said that I am thankful to Jaranwala and Gojra bar black coats that traveled bare foots to Faisalabad and Tandlianwala bar representatives that came on camels. He said that thanked God for rainfall. He raised slogan 'Pakistan Zinda abad' and concluded his speech. Former president Supreme Court bar association Ali Ahmad Kurd while addressing said that the dictator who demanded resign from chief justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudry had died his death politically. He said that we don't want to create dispute with the government but we re not weak if any one dared to pact a deal with dictator we will use our power and show strength. He said that due to unavailability of justice our country had become a den of problems. He said that we have restore judiciary of November 02 and solve all the problems. He said that constitutional package is against the struggle and movement of lawyers and masses. He said that lawyers are also a party for constitutional package and if we do not agree with the package than no body would dare to accept. He said that the scam of missing person is cruelty and injustice with the nation especially with the people of Baloachistan. He said that judiciary of November 02 will provide justice to the missing people families after getting restored that no dictator in future can dare to do such illegalities. President Supreme Court bar association Aitzaz Ahsan said that we don't known constitutional package but if judges are not restored till June 10 than long march will be launched after which the caravans from Multan of lawyers, civil society members and political workers will move towards Islamabad. He said that rulers should listen that if judges will not be restored as per the position of November 02 historical movement will be launched. He said that some people are talking of two Supreme Courts and two Chief Justices but we don't accept it as later these people can dare to express to divide country and nation. He announced that if judges are not restored lawyers from entire country will participate and launch movement. Member Pakistan bar council Hamid Khan Advocate said that what kind of constitutional package had came if Musharraf would have prepared it, it would be the same one which the PPP a democratic party had made. He added that a democratic party had prepared a package that was to be presented by a dictator.  He said that such package had been prepared to punish the judges who refused to accept PCO. He said that co chairman PPP Asif Ali Zardari should get lesson from the history. Baz Muhammad president Quetta bar association, Mehmood Ul Hassan Sheikh president Karachi bar association, EX President Supreme Court bar association Munir A Malik, Justice Khawaja Sharif and others also addressed the convention. They said that lawyers in all the provinces are united and will accept each and every call of Pakistan and other bar councils. They said that judiciary of November 02 should be restored at any cost. However provincial minister for law Rana Sana Ullah Khan advocate, Sardar Asmat Ullah president Rawalpindi bar, Anwar Kamal of Lahore high court bar, Akram Ullah spokes man of Justice Iftikhar Chaudry, Nasir Ali Ghouria president Faisalabad bar, secretary Faisalabad bar Farukh Gulzar Awan, Justice Jhangir Arshad, Rana Faiz judge of Supreme Court, Justice retired Ahmad Saeed Awan and others were also present on the occasion. Earlier Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudry was taken to district bar Faisalabad in shape of big rally and Iftikhar Chaudry was to come to convention at 6:00PM in evening but he reached at the stage on 3:35 AM the next morning. Large number of civil society members and political parties including PML-N and APDM, traders, students, doctors and laborers staged some 60 welcome camps to accord Iftikhar Chaudry.  Moreover thousands of lawyers, political workers, students, traders, doctors, laborers and public attended the occasion and lawyers from all over the country also attended the convention. Waqt TV presented live coverage of the Iftikhar Chaudry occasion through out from Islamabad and in Faisalabad. The Waqt TV team worked all the day and night and even the next day to up date its viewers with live coverage.