I want to draw your attention towards the increasing inflation rate which has doubled in last six months. The continuously rising sensitive price index is playing havoc with the lives of lower income groups while the political pundits are busy restoring the 60 sacked judges. One still hopes for the best but as far as ground realities are concerned, the hopes and dreams attached to the newly formed government have been turned into a nightmare. The soaring fuel prices are the sole gift of government whose new Finance Minister seems helpless in this regard. The prices of food items have risen up to 75% since September 2006. But the coalition partners are still busy in resolving the judges' issue in the 'Burj Al Arab' hotel Dubai or in London. The Prime Minister of Londoners did not have money to buy the rail ticket while our leaders were there in the lap of luxury making some kind of draft about a non-issue. -FARYAL, Lahore, via e-mail, May 8.