Mr. Karzai is still in favour of keeping the Pak-Afghan borders open. At the same time, he constantly complains about the 'trouble' coming from the Pakistan side. After 9/11, at a time of uncertainty about international terror, the sole superpower cried wolf and attacked the poorest country in the world under an unstable regime. The US and its allies scorched the earth in Afghanistan. The Taliban, contrary to their recently acquired reputation of great chivalry, had vanished in the thin air back then without giving any resistance. Then followed the period of rehabilitation under the auspices of NATO, with Mr. Karzai as President. The Taliban disappeared and only in 2004 was their presence felt for the first time in the Tribal Areas of Pakistan. It is important to note that throughout the period following Afghanistan War of 2001, both Mr. Karzai and NATO were keen on keeping the Pak-Afghan border open. It was not allowed to be mined as was willed by Pakistan. The genie of Taliban was not created by Pakistan; it was thrust on us. Now that Mr. Karzai has been targeted in a Mujahideen Day Parade at Kabul on April 27, he blames Pakistan for sending 'these would-be assassinators' into Afghanistan. -BRIG (Retd) A.Q. ANJUM, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, May 7.