The ministers of the new coalition government give fantastic and contradictory statements to mislead the already confused public. The free media also overblows and magnifies out of proportion the incorrect utterances of these ill-informed ministers. A few days back, Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, Minister for Power, had announced on a TV channel that shortage of electricity is due to negligence of the previous ruling party which failed to produce even a single MW of electricity during its 8 years tenure. This sweeping statement of honourable minister is not incorrect but a deliberate attempt to shift the burden of his responsibility to someone else to hide his ignorance. As is apparent from Pakistan Economic Survey , 2006-07 (page 114, statistical appendix) the installed capacity of electricity was increased from 65402 MW in 1998-99 to 71033 MW in 2006-07 or a total increase of 3777 MV in 9 years. As regard the generation of electricity, it increased by 35200 Gwh from 65402Gwh in 1998-99 to 100602 Gwh in 2006-07. The wild allegation of the Minister against the former ruling party does not carry any weight when seen in the light of published official facts shown in Pakistan Economic Survey. The aforementioned increase in capacity and generation is attributable to new mega projects. The following additional capacity was added; 1-Chashma Hydro 184 MW-2001-02, 2-Chashma-Nuclear 350 MW-2001-02, 3-Ghazi Brotha 1450 MW-2003-04. -RAJA SHAFAAT ULLAH, Islamabad, via e-mail, May 8.