Dunga Gali, a picturesque summer retreat, which has experienced a real estate boom in the last five years has attracted yet another resident. This one is only nine months old, lives in a steel cage open to the elements. He is in fact a leopard who according to grapevine, belongs to the scion of a premier political dynasty headquartered in Raiwind. The politician is in the process of building a mansion in Dunga Gali. Word has it that the leopard has come from Swat, which makes it an IDL (internally displaced leopard). * * * * * * * * * Word has it that lady MNA from Lahore known for her foul temper has no soft corner for Pakistan's Fashion Ambassador. Apparently, both had a major fallout when they were nominated by Hamayun Akhtar Khan on the Board of Lahore Fashion School of Design in his days of glory. The lady MNA was seen giving the other day a tongue lashing to the Gilani appointed fashion ambassador at a popular health club where she works. HA, however, was seen working furiously and silently at his treadmill just a few feet away from the battle scene. * * * * * * * * * We hear that the graduation ceremony of Lahore American School has turned into a national issue. There is bickering among parents over the venue and who knows which VVIP's wife. There is also friction over the size of the budget, which some claim should be at least Rs 15,0,000. There is also dissent over who should be the chief guest with at least one mother demanding that it should be the PM who is a friend and another insisting that it should be the Punjab Governor whose wife is a friend. We hear the matter has finally been sorted out with the decision that the venue will be the Governor's House and the chief guest a former LAS Principal Shahnaz Wazir Ali now associated with the HEC. Interestingly under tutelage of the Gov the Governor House has become the most popular venue for parties, family reunions and social events. Unlike five-star hotels and clubs of the city it is all gratis.