ISLAMABAD In response to TheNations story PAF Chiefs mysterious visit published on May 23, 2010, the PAF has issued a press release which states the following: Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman, Chief of the Air Staff, Pakistan Air Force, visited Qatar on 15 & 16 April, 2010 with permission of competent authority (Govt of Pakistan). He met senior Qatri Air Force officials including Brig General Mubarak M Al-Kumait Al-Khayarin, Commander Qatri Air Force and Lt General Gilmary M Hostage-III, Commander USAFCENT. He also met Pakistani Embassy Staff, Pakistanis serving in Qatri Air Force and visited US facilities at Doha (Qatar). This press release does not in any way help to clear up the issue of the mysterious visit to what is in all probability the US drone headquarters. In fact, by accepting that he visited the US air base in Doha he has proven our point that he visited the Combined Air and Space Operations Centre, from where the US runs its drone wars in the region. The US website had deliberately kept this vague but TheNation, after researching the picture and other information had identified this air base in the picture. Now the PAF has confirmed this. Also, the PAF press release confirms TheNations assertion that if the PAF Chief was officially visiting the drone base (permission having been granted by the GoP) then there is an element of official sanction by the GoP for the drone attacks. In this case, the military and political leadership has been deceiving the public on the issue. Third, why should the PAF Chief, on an official visit to a Gulf state be compelled to visit a US air base in that state? On this the PAF is still silent