Reports circulating in Afghan media seconded by Karzai Administration that Mullah Omar had been killed in a drone attack while on his way to North Waziristan from Quetta are meant to malign, defame and further demoralise Pakistan. After Geronimo, such misinformation amounts to upping the ante to keep us under pressure, rather than accepting our status as a sovereign nation and showing regret on its brazen act of military intrusion. The spokesman for Taliban rubbished such reports and stated that Mullah Omar was alive and kicking in Afghanistan. He further stated that the purpose of this rumour was to create confusion in the ranks of the Afghan resistance since they remained unbeaten in their campaign against NATO and US forces. The Afghan government later refused to deny or confirm the report about his death. Yet it appears these reports were used as a double-edged weapon. First, since Mullah Omar is considered to be a unifying factor in the resistance and symbol of opposition against the US, there is no denying the contention of the Taliban spokesman that these rumours have been spread to create panic among the Taliban and other anti-NATO outfits. Secondly and more importantly, these reports were aired to reinforce in the minds of people the world over Pakistans concocted image as a terrorist safe haven. Worse still, it is aimed at propagating the belief that Quetta Shurah exists and that drone warfare now needs to be extended to Balochistan. In the broad perspective, the US is bent upon establishing our reputation as a militant sanctuary to pave the way for more unilateral attacks. It is deliberately sidestepping the aspect that it is in Afghanistan where after the occupation forces have been humbled by the resistance, the leaders of the so-called Al-Qaeda and Taliban operate with full liberty.