If the Government of Pakistan wants to maintain its positions in power it should immediately stop loadshedding. In my opinion, loadshedding is due to the direct mismanagement of WAPDA. And since WAPDA is part of the Government, therefore its negative effect also reduces the Governments popularity among the masses. In the last 3 years; WAPDA has failed to reduce line losses WAPDA has failed to reduce regular load shedding (even with the Super Flood) WAPDA has failed to start-up electricity production from the Turkish Power boat. WAPDA has failed to purchase 1000MW from Iran that they have been requesting Pakistan to buy. WAPDA has failed to create any headway in the purchase of electricity from Tajikistan (Although they promised a number of times). WAPDA has failed to stop the stealing of fuel from supply trucks going to Thermal IPPs. WAPDA has failed to install pipelines from Karachi port to Oil storage depot, and instead pays for trucking the fuel at masses expense. WAPDA has failed to reduce voltage problems in many areas. WAPDA has been found to be charging 13 month bills from its consumers. WAPDA has been charged with charging higher rates on many bills. WAPDA even has the audacity to ask its ex-consumers (like Pearl Continental Lahore), who have become self sufficient in electricity, to continue paying electricity bills. WAPDA is the most disliked and hated organization of the Government of Pakistan. They have failed the nation and I just hope they do not fail the Government by instigating the masses against the Government. An easy solution to all these problems; the government should circulate the names, addresses, and numbers of all the WAPDA employees who are responsible for the load shedding in different areas and let the masses deal with them. I guarantee there will be no leadshedding after one week. A CONCERNED CITIZEN, Peshawar, May 22.