While Prime Minister Gilani has shown a correct understanding of the Kashmir issue by saying that its solution according to the UN resolutions, and aspirations of the people, was essential to the peace and socioeconomic development of South Asia, the Indian establishment showed its implacable opposition when the Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabhas Uttar Pradesh unit, an establishment organ if there ever was one, placed a reward of Rs 1 million on Swami Agnivesh for having allegedly supported the Kashmir liberation struggle and spoken against the Amarnath Yatra, to a cave in the mountains of Kashmir, describing it as a 'religious deception. There may well be an element of sectarian rivalry involved, for Agnivesh has gone even further than the Arya Samaj, where he stated while the Mahasabha is very much part of the caste-ist Sangh Parivar, of which the BJP is merely the political arm. The use of the Mahasabha to punish an individual is very much in line with the policy and practice of the Hindu establishment, even though Agnivesh is a known fighter against injustice, having laboured many years for bonded labour since he became a minister in Haryana in the early 1980s. Inaugurating the two-day conference on 'Kashmir in Emerging Global perspectives in Muzaffarabad on Monday, Mr Gilani said it was self-evident because both Pakistan and India cannot hope to progress socio-economically until there is peace between them. Such peace would only be possible if the Kashmir issue was resolved as Indias first Prime Minister had committed in the UNSC Resolutions, which provide the only viable mechanism to allow the Kashmiri people their inherent and intrinsic right of self-determination, through a UN-supervised plebiscite. Until India becomes ready to concede that, there is little chance of peace coming to the region, which will certainly cramp it in its attempts to posture on the world stage as a great power. It is time that Mr Gilani brought this realization to the negotiating table, and did not allow India to get away with stunts like the recent cricket diplomacy, which merely pleased Indias American interlocutors. A forceful expression of the Pakistani stand would not only help the Gilani government, but also force India to negotiate more purposefully.