Conspiracy theory is that the 40-minute Abbottabad operation was a complete drama by the US to launch surgical strikes against the nuclear assets of Pakistan. Though it is not so possible because the Abbottabads Osama house was an isolated lone house not even guarded and without any check, that speaks of no involvement of Pakistani agencies. And those who know a word of nuclear strategy will say that nuclear weapons are not annihilated by such strikes. While there is no need to get influenced by the media propaganda, there is a need to recheck our own systems of command and control. Moreover some of the analysts who are vehemently criticizing Nawaz Sharif for his wrong timing of demanding formulation of an independent commission seem to be right, because the way the government easily accepted the demand, and the White House endorsing the Nawaz Sharifs step, looks as if it suits to the Americans as well. Thats why the American ambassador later called on Nawaz Sharif and obviously had approved his demand for the commission. It is welcome but the judges are probably not fully qualified to hold the inquiry in such a delicate matter that involves security strategy. Therefore the demand to include impartial security experts, clean veterans from military and other spheres of life seems to be right and timely. Because the commissions findings will determine whether to live or perish forever and to perish is no option. The findings if not articulately worded may provide the collaborators a ground to get passed the UN Security Councils resolution against Pakistan, meaning thereby that the state of Pakistan is not capable of fighting the war against terror, which is a threat to the international community. God bless us with wisdom. This is time to think twice what to do. And otherwise the Commissions findings can provide us an opportunity to resurrect and come out strong. ESCHMALL SARDAR, Peshawar, May 16