The problem of traffic is getting serious in Karachi day by day. It is due to the very fact that the number of all sorts of vehicles is increasing on the already congested roads with an alarming proportion with every passing day. It is really appreciable that the City District Government have constructedmany fly-overs and under- passes to cope up the situation. But still more needs to be done. Big buses, mini buses and other heavy traffic have always become a cause of traffic jam in Karachi. Besides, non-functioning of traffic signals on important points of the city has added fuel to the fire; resulting in the disruption in the smooth flow of the traffic. On most of the signal points, traffic officials are not seen and this situation gives an opportunity to drivers to take their vehicles in a hurry when signals fail to perform without really waiting as to which side of the traffic must cross first. This situation creates genuine frustration and irritation among all those commuters who stuck up in traffic jam because ofnotheir fault. I would request the traffic controlling authorities of Karachi that on the important routes of the city, traffic signalling system must be made effective and operative. Besides this, quite a reasonable number of traffic officials be deputed there. In case these signals fail to function for any reason they can handle the traffic mess accordingly specially during morning, noon and evening hours when school children and office goers go to their schools and offices and come back to their homes accordingly. In this way we would be able to have a smooth flow of the traffic in this hugely populated and unmanageable city of the country. ABDUL SAMAD SAMO, Karachi, May 1