The disclosure of the in-camera briefing by army authorities before the Joint session of Parliament that our radars were working but due to superior technology of USA the attack helicopters could not be detected. This is an age of science and technology and no country can afford to remain behind in the race of acquiring new knowledge which is akin to power. Islamic history shows that in the heyday of Islams resurgence in 11th Century the greatest scientist Avicenna was writing his treatise Alqanoon in a friends house due to fear of his life from the then ruler. So let us unleash our scientists in universities and research institutes including such persons as Abdul Qadeer Khan and Samar Mubarakmand to produce technology of anti-jamming and night visions so that our nuclear assets remain safe rather than use them in developing gassified coal. Tomorrow, Israel or India could beg, borrow or steal the superior technology from USA and use it against our strategic assets. We are exhorted by the Holy Quran to keep our steeds of war in readiness to face any emergency. So let us act upon divine guidance. DR. MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, May 1