It seems as if our PM’s don’t consider themselves worth their salt until they have been served a couple of ‘Contempt of Court’ notices or once or twice their orders are nullified by the SC, or they are sent packing! They feel no shame submitting their unconditional apologies to the SC, not once but as many times as required, because they don’t mean them, it is just lip service. How many times has Raja Sahib tendered his apologies, I have lost count? Now Khoso Sahib, the third PM, in succession is brazenly inviting the same treatment? One just wonders what happened to dignity and the self respect that went with such prestigious positions.

We all remember ex-PM Gilani taking off in the presidential jet to Karachi, to attend the wedding of his son, the same evening that he was elected ‘Leader of the House,’ and returned to Islamabad in the same jet the next day? In what capacity did he use the official plane to and fro Karachi, even before he was administered the oath of his office? Did he not misuse the govt. plane when he was not entitled to it and thus he committed an act of corruption, even before taking over as the PM of the country? I bet, he never realized that he was committing an act of dishonesty and misappropriation.

The same can be said for the successive PM’s, including the caretaker, who indulged in dubious, but highly lucrative postings and transfers of the corporate Chairmen and Chief Executives, and that too during the last days of his temporary regime. Why can’t we find honest and respectable people to sit in these powerful seats to dispense good governance for this ailing nation?


Rawalpindi, May 23.