The website for National Accountability Bureau says on its first page that, “The National Accountability Bureau is Pakistan's agency charged with the responsibility of elimination of corruption through a holistic approach of awareness, prevention and enforcement”. It seems as if the bureau that has to hold others accountable for corruption has extensive corruption inside its body and needs monitoring!

There seem to be some influential NAB officials who are playing with the future of more than 400 meritorious candidates. In November 2011, National Accountability Bureau advertised 360 posts for investigators in different categories. In response, National Accountability Bureau received thousands of applications. These applicants were scrutinised at different stages, through written test and psychological assessment tests, conducted by the National Testing Service. More than 400 people qualified for the interview, which was conducted by National Accountability Bureau in November 2012. Meanwhile, some employees of National Accountability Bureau got a restraint order from the Islamabad High Court through a writ petition, which was dismissed on Jan 30, but even after that NAB failed to issue offer letters to successful candidates.

As in other corrupt organisations, it seems strange that there is a powerful lobby in the bureau who wants to accommodate its own people, and they are putting hurdles in the appointment of candidates that have been selected on merit, they did the same in 2008. It is pertinent to point out that the premier anti-corruption body is working with 30 percent of its sanctioned strength, which is affecting its performance.


Karachi, May 15.