Briton’s response to the deplorable London attack was absolutely the right one. Prime Minister David Cameron while addressing the press outside the 10 Downing Street appeared clam yet resolute while categorically saying that the best response to defeating terrorism was to go about the normal way of life, rather than to give in to purely and understandably emotional reactions.

His statement that the attack was not just aimed at Briton but it was what he called a ‘betrayal of Islam’ is far removed from the kind of harangue, often Islamophobic, usually heard by those wishing to generalise entire Muslim populations. If anything, Muslims and their religion are quite contrary to what such radicalised men have been doing in the name of Islam. But this needs to be said more and more and louder and louder by Muslims themselves, not just by those trying to defend them. With brutal murders and mass killings, terrorists are also attempting to prove that there is a clash between Islam and the West, which surely adds up to a betrayal, that Mr Cameron is unequivocally cautioning against. Equally laudable has been the response from the Muslim clergy that came out strongly against the attacker and his political rant made moments after he hacked the victim, a young British soldier, to death.

Mr Cameron’s mature and dignified reaction is a model of how to deal with courage and calm, in the face of shocking depravity. A resolute posturing, evident in the message of Mr Cameron is certain to cement bonds between British communities and thus weaken the will of the terrorists. In order to deal with the extremists, an approach aiming to come together for things that unite, rather than divide the civilisations is needed. And we are all united in our condemnation and sadness for the tragic loss of a young man.