On a petition by barrister Iqbal Jaffery, the Lahore High court has asked 26 politicians and one property tycoon, to appear before the court for bringing back their wealth and assets from abroad. The federal finance minister stated that 200 billion dollars of a few Pakistanis are lying in Swiss banks, which if brought back would make Pakistan debt free. Apart from Switzerland, Pakistanis have large amounts of money invested in other countries. This money belongs to Pakistan and must be retrieved. It is not an easy task since no one will do it willingly.

Though the names of present leaders have also been included in the petition, people are ready to give them the benefit of the doubt. They are hoping that all the claims made during the elections will come true. They promised to bring prosperity and bring back wealth stashed by the previous politicians abroad. It is hoped they will make stringent laws, in consultation with other countries where Pakistan’s wealth is hidden, so that it may be brought back. If they are able to bring back even a portion of the hidden wealth, their names will be remembered in the history of Pakistan.


Lahore, May 21.