Hot weather alongside unannounced load shedding for more than 10 hours has increased problems for people in Karachi. We, the residents of Scheme-33 have been facing at least 9 hours of load shedding and at least twice a week, a feeder trips. Students are the ones that suffer the most as they have examinations and it is unimaginable to study without lights and fans. The formula the utility company uses is dividing the localities into four categories based on the estimated amount of power theft. It cuts power for up to nine hours in localities where power theft is high, around seven hours where it is categorized as ‘medium’, four hours where it is low and none for the areas where there is no power theft.

This poses a serious question, why are the authorities not taking any action against the people who are not paying their bills, rather than make the whole area suffer? How will I know who is not paying their bill in my area, and am I to go to them and tell them to pay it? I have never heard of such action taken by a government anywhere in the world! The authorities concerned are requested to look into the matter seriously and take effective actions rather than torturing whole localities. They have the data of the people who do not pay their bills and they should cut their electricity and fine them heavily, so that people refrain from such actions.


Karachi, May 21.