Charlize Theron is convinced most people don’t know how to pronounce her name. The 38-year-old Academy Award-winning actress travels the world speaking to people for work and she has come to accept some folks’ botched pronunciation of her exotic moniker.

But while speaking to Jimmy Fallon on his late-night talk show earlier this week, Charlize was surprised he uttered her name accurately. ‘It’s like music to my ears, so beautiful,’ she said. ‘[People] screw it up.’ Charlize moved on to explain others pronounce her name wrong so often she is inspired to do something about it to prevent it from happening regularly.

‘I almost want to make an audio voice tape of how to pronounce my name, and I want you to record it,’ she told host Jimmy. ‘But I need you to do it ‘cause you do it almost better than me.’  Charlize is mother to two-and-a-half year old son Jackson, who she adopted in 2012.

The star says she is so in love with her ‘really sweet’ little boy, as he is now at the age where he’s forming a strong identity. ‘He’s really starting to put sentences together,’ she shared. ‘He’s at that age now where he can tell you what he likes, what he doesn’t like. You know, before, you’re just kind of like, guessing.’

Charlize, who was born and raised in South Africa, admits Hollywood has a huge influence on Jackson. ‘I think it all started with this Frozen phenomenon. He’s really into princesses now. And I know this is not just my son, so you can all act really cool about it,’ she laughed. ‘He really loves his Tinkerbell doll. Sometimes Tinkerbell ‘has to take a trip,’ just to give the other toys a chance. Tinkerbell goes to Africa a lot.’