Hugh Jackman has revealed he failed to give his daughter any notice about his scene in X-Men: Days Of Future Past.

The Australian star, who reprises his role as clawed mutant superhero Wolverine in the Marvel sequel, said he enjoyed getting the chance to watch the movie with his eight-year-old daughter Ava and 14-year-old son, Oscar.  But he admitted he was left blushing when Ava saw him baring his bottom on the big screen, reported the New York Daily Times. ‘It is actually really cool to watch it with them until you get to the moment where you’re naked on screen, and you forgot to warn your almost nine-year-old daughter. And she says, ‘Dad, why aren’t you wearing any underwear?’‘ he said.  Hugh joked that preparing for the scene wasn’t easy. ‘You have no idea what goes into the lead up to a scene like that. It was a year ago,’ he recalled. ‘I know that exactly because it was May 21. I stopped drinking water for 24 hours, I pumped up on set for about an hour before shooting.