Prolonged electricity breakdowns shuddered the wheel of routine life to a halt in the city and its surroundings.

The power remains suspended for several hours continuously, creating great hardships for the citizens. Patients in hospitals, students in educational institutions, traders in markets and housewives in houses suffer miseries alike due to the hide-and-seek of power supply.

Meanwhile, public at large has expressed great concern over the apathy of the Gepco authorities who have, despite tall claims, continued worst outages in the Tehsil.

They demanded the authorities to take pity of the masses and rationalise the duration of electricity loadshedding to provide some respite to the hapless people. They also urged the authorities manage better production and improve supply system on war-footings to overcome the power crisis. Moreover, Grid station Nowshera Virkan is working with the 64 KV since 1974-75 but now demand is much higher against its capacity.

Although its up-gradation to 32 KV was approved two years ago, no tangible effort could be made so far to initiate the up-gradation. The residents demanded the government to upgrade the grid station to mitigate sufferings of the masses to some extent.