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Salma Hayek has discussed why her marriage to François-Henri Pinault works.

The 47-year-old actress is married to the French businessman and they are parents to six-year-old daughter Valentina. Their relationship hasn’t always been plain sailing - they briefly split in 2008 before reconciling and tying the knot the following year.

‘It’s been eight years we are together. No one would have bet a penny on our story,’ Salma told Paris Match. ‘We are more and more in love each day.’ The actress was quizzed on what the secret to their happy relationship is. She believes they get along so well because they complement each other and are always there for each other. A good example of this is Salma’s latest film project The Prophet, which she produced. It’s an animated movie which is adapted from Lebanese writer Khalil Gibran’s poetry book of the same name. The tome was published in 1923, with 100 million copies sold around the world and Salma believes its success has come from it appealing to all people, regardless of race or religion.

Working on the project has been all-consuming for the star and she was thrilled when a portion of it was screened at the ongoing Cannes Film Festival. ‘I am totally filled by this project,’ she said. ‘It’s been three years I’m not sleeping. I dream about it day and night. I don’t know how my husband can stand me and, still, he is here. Very here.