A seminar was held at Bahawalpur Press Club to pay rich tributes to Nawab Sadiq Muhammad Khan Abbasi V, the last of 12 rulers of former Bahawalpur state, on his 48th death anniversary.

The seminar was titled “Mohsin-e-Pakistan Nawab Sir Sadiq Muhammad Khan V Abbasi”. Speakers on the occasion said, “As he surrendered his state and its all resources for the survival of Pakistan, the government should celebrate his anniversary as a Mohsin-e- Pakistan Day. The state had good administrative system and prosperity. Special steps were taken for the health and safety of the public. It was rich in resource.

They added, “He was a true Muslim and real follower of Holy Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) and blessed with religious passion. He laid the foundation of a society based on justice, equity, tolerance and equality, where also the minorities enjoyed their due rights and freedom of worship.”

Dr Muhammad Tahir delivered a special lecture on the 31-years rule and administration of Nawab Abbasi. He said that the ruler introduced concept of a welfare state in which the ruler was the servant of his public and the proof of this fact was eminent in the official crest of the state, where two pelicans were shown as symbols of sacrifice and dignity. He established a prosperous state with reference to the economic stability through Sutlej Valley Project.

Malik Habibullah Bhutta said that the Nawab not only affiliated the state with Pakistan but also presented his everything to the country. Qari Monis Balouch said that the politicians of Bahawalpur had neglected the interests of Bahawalpur and worked for their vested interests. He regretted that those got votes the restoration of Bahawalpur province had stepped down from their promises.

Bishop Naeem Esa said that in Bahawalpur more than 2 million minority community was living including 1.5 million Hindus, but now there were facing many problems. The restoration of Bahawalpur province is the solution to their problems, he added. Dr Shahid Hassan Rizvi said that Nawab had left unforgettable memories through his memorable services for the public as during his era, he really done remarkable services to make the state a real welfare Islamic State where people were quite happy and satisfied.

Press Club President Shahid Akhter Balouch mentioned the creation of Pakistan with reference to the Aligarh Movement, and said that Bahawalpur state actually became the cause of Pakistan’s coming into being, because this state extended sacrifices for the stability of Pakistan which are mentioned in the history with golden words.

Baqaul Mohsin said that the state possessed the status of a “Grain House” for Indo Pak sub continent due to the enormous agriculture produce. IUB Vice-Chancellor Dr Muhammad Mukhtar remarked that Sir Sadiq was not only the benefactor of the Islamia University but also of Pakistan and Muslim Ummah.

The local administration declared local holiday on the account of death anniversary of the last ruler of former state. The holiday was declared only in Bahawalpur district but not the other parts of the Bahawalpur Division, Rahim Yar Khan and Bahawalnagar districts which were part of the former state of Bahawalpur.