RAWALPINDI - Police under its ongoing drive against anti-social elements have arrested 11 lawbreakers, including two marriage ordinance violators, besides recovering 1,200 grams hashish, 20 litres wine, three bottles of liquor, three 30-bore pistols with 12 rounds, one 32-bore revolver with three rounds and fireworks items from the possession of the arrested accused.

According to Rawalpindi police spokesman, New Town police held Nargis Bibi for having 1,200 grams hashish. Waris Khan police recovered 20 litres wine from the possession of Zeeshan. Another accused namely Ahsan was booked for having two bottles of liquor while one liquor bottles was recovered from a woman. Other accused were sent behind the bars for carrying illegal weapons, drugs and liquor. Meanwhile, Waris Khan police netted Sajid and Morgah police held Bilal on violation of marriage ordinance. Morgah police conducted a raid at an illegal petrol agency and rounded up Abdullah.