Islamabad: Model Ayyan Ali arrested in currency smuggling case has been shifted from B class to C class in Adiala prison.

Unveiling the details about the jail life of Ayyan Ali , anchors of a private TV channel said that Ayyan Ali , during her early days of detention was kept in B class in jail but this regal treatment could not sustain longer with upsurge in media reports lashing at jail administration on meting out  VIP treatment to this lady of world of glamour and glitz even after her becoming  incriminated in an offence that entails a prison term.

Now she is seen sitting in a barrack meant exclusively for women prisoners to wrestle with pangs of agony that have overtaken her at the twilight of her blazing career of modeling.

She is facing health vulnerabilities as she has contracted three diseases ranging from blood deficiency, eczema to asthma and she is forced to carry an inhaler to ward off jerks  of asthma.

She talks but talks to only to her brother and a lady Shaista who is the wife of Khurram Latif Khosa, son of PPP central leader and former governor Punjab. Shaista is stated to have been attached with Ayyan Ali by PPP. This chat finds its way from a window. Shaista stays with Ayyan Ali like a shadow whenever the latter is produced in the court after having been escorted by police guard. Outfits are also provided to her through Shaista.

Ayyan Ali is seen sitting in a conference room attached with superintendent jail office whenever she comes under the scanner of police, customs or intelligence agencies interrogation . She looks to be an evasive lady who evades to give a right reply to any question from investigators. She turns her face to some other side and starts gazing after giving equivocal reply to any question from the investigators.

When asked about currency  she said it was her own money and later she disclosed some other names associated with this currency. Ultimately her reply takes the shape of confused statement that goes as quizzical as a puzzle.

It was also found that not only Model Ayyan Ali is involved in this case but 10 more girls are on the same track of smuggling currency trodden by this super model and they are said to be part of the mega channel of siphoning off ill gotten money of certain political figures and influential persons.

A stunning revelation also found its way in the media that Khalid Malik brother of former interior minister Rehman Malik also made appearance under pseudo name to meet Ayyan Ali  in jail but he made escape when it assailed his ears that intelligence agencies have picked up the report of his arrival.

An official of Jail said that Ayyan Ali would have been released so far if she had not been captured by the eyes of media. But now it goes difficult that she can be bailed out as she is now going to face another case of money laundering besides currency smuggling soon.

It has also come to open that the money which was recovered from Ayyan Ali was to reach a person who has disappeared in Dubai.