There are plenty of police check posts in Islamabad. I read that there are approximately 72 fixed check posts and 300 unplanned check posts in the capital. We are reminded, when stuck in traffic, caused by these numerous check post that this has been done for our security. The city will be a safe place, as long as a man in a police uniform flashes a torch in my face, when I zigzag through the maze he has set up to test my driving skill. I don’t intend to contradict this assumption.

However, I will ask some basic questions, I am entitled as a citizen to ask. Are these policemen equipped to tackle terrorists, armed robbers and suicide bombers who drive by them? How many criminals have been caught by these security people standing at the security check posts? It is justifiable that during the rush hour, with heavy traffic there happens to be one policeman or even none?

Most importantly, is it permissible that most of the time cars with young boys, mass transportation vans, or a boy and a girl are harassed for money? How is it that a girl and a boy, traveling in the same car have become a security threat to this nation? Have any results been seen from these check posts or are they just to harass the citizens?


Lahore, May 9.