Muhammad Nadeem Bhatti

In South Asia, the biggest investment for energy and industrialisation could possible in Pakistan by its neighbour country China. No doubt it is only the real achievement of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. His effort would deliver its results very soon and hopefully the country will be stabilised and this sincere effort would be remembered ever in country’s history. The world moves on energy but the critical economic conditions of Pakistan needs a real help by developing technical hubs. The energy is main source to build all these developments to generate better economic conditions. Any successful country depends upon commercial important personalities like engineers and investors to develop better building of the nation for growth of domestic production. For Pakistan, to take a vital role to develop better economic country, the trend of taking loan from IMF will be a situation which will never change its conditions and consequently a country and its movers always think for this and depend on taking loans to run social and economic matters. According to Pakistan Engineering Council their main aims and objectives are service to Pakistan, welfare of engineers, gather suggestions and ideas for the improvement of engineers and bridge the gap between PEC and engineers. So in the favour of country it is necessary to register Pakistan engineers which is working by the Act of (V. 1976) for the better economic conditions. Although it is working like a federation and having offices in all provinces and having head office in Islamabad, its scope is to make better industrial Pakistan by engineering sector and to develop better economic momentum and having remarkable results in favour of country.

The other objective of engineers to design machinery on low cost of production which we are importing from other countries on over rated, moreover the government have to impose heavy taxes in this regard if we import, but local production can’t compare with other countries product’s prices.

The expenses of research and developments cost a lot but if it could ever be possible if we can make better machinery and small water dams setups for the better industrialisation to offer good progress for our country. Unfortunately the Pakistan Engineering Council has not been drawing good progress since last couple of years. Actually the reflection of power politics has come over and existing body even have over their tenure but with the influence of power, the duration of executive body has been extended for another year. Although according to law the tenure is restricted for two years but small body meetings just break the rules and regulations.

 It is above the law and the framed constitution which turned turtle the aims and prime objectives of Pakistan Engineering Council to serve the nation. Actually if body is working exceptionally good then it should be appreciated, otherwise above the law self-extended duration must come to an end and fair elections should be launched under a body. No doubt this is the matter of the brilliant future of Pakistan which is still waiting for a miracle to have industrial progressive change to reduce the poverty. The population of Pakistan taking growth rapidly and unfortunately the last population ministry could not play exceptional role for it and the curse of poverty being over come.

It is need of the hour to register engineer in Pakistan and not allow them to serve their skills out of the country. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is very much anxious to bring economic and an industrial revolutionary change in Pakistan. It is an example of a huge investment to developed on Pak-China Economic Corridor for $46 billion investment could come in the economic field of Pakistan.

(The writer is Chairman Federation of Pakistan Chamber Garments Industry)