Zulfikar Mirza and his wife, the former speaker of the lower house, were escorted back home by the Rangers on the orders of the Division Bench of the Sindh High Court which granted him bail in yet another case in Karachi on Saturday. The Sindh High Court further ordered that no new case would be registered against Zulfikar Mirza until Monday. The estranged PPP leader created strong ripples after leaving the provincial cabinet where he was holding the charge of Home Department. The MQM was then one of the foremost targets of the acerbic verbal attacks of Zulfikar Mirza. It did not take long for Rehman Malik to come under fire. It was thought that it was lower scale in-fighting, which would be ultimately controlled by Asif Zardari who had attained the reputation of being an artful player in Pakistani politics. The matter worsened when Zulfikar Mirza did not allow his son to join Qaim Ali Shah’s cabinet as an advisor after he had won a seat in the Sindh assembly in a by-election from Badin on PPP’s ticket. The situation was exacerbated even further when he started talking against the politics of Asif Zardari and levelled serious charges of a very personal nature on the media.

The absolute lack of any reaction from Asif Zardari throughout this period has been enigmatic for many, but it seems he just waits for the problem to go away itself. His silence is not a strategy but a convenience. The provincial leadership has issued some statements condemning the use of spiteful language and the offensive behaviour of Zulfikar Mirza before the provincial government started booking him in cases of criminal nature. Though he has been obtaining bail in all those cases without fail, of late he has been saying that his life is in danger. It is expected that no physical harm would be inflicted to Zulfikar Mirza and both the parties will let sanity prevail, but the fact is that the Peoples Party has lost a lot of ground as due to Zulfikar Mirza’s politics in the last five years. Whatever the nature and the truth behind this mystery, it is certain that a lot of dirty linen is going to be washed in the public and in the courts.