Since the dissolution of their 14-month marriage, Katy Perry has not spoken to ex-husband Russell Brand .

The 30-year-old pop star - who is now dating John Mayer - revealed to the Daily Telegraph that she and the 39-year-old British star did not leave on speaking terms.

'He hasn't spoken to me since he texted me saying he was filing for divorce,' the pop star confessed.

Katy had previously discussed to Vogue that her ex had asked for a legal separation via text message on December 31, 2011.

But this is the first time, she had opened up about her current state - or lack thereof - with Russell. 

'I don't want to end up bittersweet. I have to evolve, I have to continue to push people's perceptions of me,' Katy explained about how she hasn't given up on love.

'I'm excited by whatever it brings. I'm excited by my own evolution,' she added optimistically.

The former married couple had shared a life together for less than two years co-parenting a cat named Rusty - a combination of both their names - and even getting matching Sanskrit tattoos on their inner arms. 

Courtesy: Daily Mail