LAKKI MARWAT - A candidate for general councillor seat in village council of Samandi ward was killed over a petty dispute in Wanda Aurangzeb village.  The local olice said that the deceased Imtiaz Gul had exchanged harsh words with the accused Rifatullah over a minor issue which led to his killing. The killer escaped the scene after committing the murder. Dadiwala police have registered a case and began investigation.

Lakki scouts to attend training camp: The district boy of scout association has decided to send a contingent of boy scouts to Takya (Abbottabad) for participating in the week-long scout training camp. The decision to this effect was taken at a meeting held here on Sunday with ESED Assistant District Officer Physical Education and Sports Nisar Muhammad in the chair. The meeting was informed that the training activity would begin at the provincial scout training centre situated at Takya from June 9.

Nisar, who also holds the office of district scout secretary, said at the meeting that full participation of boy scouts would be ensured at all costs.

He reiterated that allout efforts would be made for the revival of scouting in government-run schools.