Islamabad - Residents of Islamabad have always felt need for sources of entertainment and wished to have easy access to places where they could enjoy with their families. Once operated by the National Film Development Corporation (NAFDEC), the two cinemas houses served the purpose of providing entertainment to a large extent. Some movies screened by these two had been well-known over decades. New movies screened by these had also been popular with masses. People who preferred to watch movies at cinema houses did not have to pay high price for tickets. Payment of small amount for the whole family would help easily achieve the purpose.

The two cinemas had won confidence of the masses because movies screened on their premises could be watched by men, women and children alike. They often screened foreign movies but these never hurt the sentiments of the masses. Some in fact provided information on various subjects. This was of course beneficial for adults as well as children.

The NAFDEC was set up and run under the control of the government of Pakistan. This factor helped assure the masses, movies of only fine quality would be screened here. No wonder why people to watch movies in these two cinemas. But then as bad luck would have it, the authorities decided to close down these cinemas. Nobody has been able to explain why this was done but the damage has been done; doors have been shut to the ordinary man in his quest for finding a source of entertainment.

What makes it difficult for the mind to accept, the buildings of the two cinema houses are present at the place of location. The windows have been smashed and doors taken out since long for what purpose, nobody knows.

The buildings of these two cinema houses present a story of neglect and ignorance to the needs of masses. Why the authorities by the stroke of pen have deprived the masses of the venue where they could easily go at their leisure time? Many people now have no place where they could easily go at their free time.

The authorities when ordering for closure of these two cinemas did not give any thought to the fact where ordinary people would now go for seeking a short relief from the hardships of daily routine. One very important fact of life was ignored by those who had deemed it fit to close down these cinemas.

It has been observed when people fail to find easy source for enjoyment, they tend to seek some other avenue for it. It may be stated here there is one Cinepax in Islamabad where people could go to watch movies. But they have to purchase tickets at a very high price. A single ticket is sold for at least Rs 700. Now a salaried person would not find it easy to watch a film if he has a large family. One other very important fact has emerged in the film industry of Pakistan. Many new and enterprising persons have begun producing films of very fine quality. Some of these have won international awards. This has led to inculcating great interest in films. Some people have welcomed this enthusiasm and built new cinema houses to meet the ever increasing demand of people.

Many foreign films have been harmful for our moral and social values of life. Local films could be a befitting answer to these shows. Therefore, it would be absolutely appropriate to provide opportunities to local film industry to develop. At present around one million people live in Islamabad. They need to be provided with better means of recreation.

The buildings of two cinema houses as shown above are almost lying in ruins. But these could be salvaged. The residents of Islamabad now need more than just two cinema houses in the city.

The authorities should wake up and make a beginning, if it is for nothing else, let it be the benefit for the federal capital of Pakistan. It may be stated here good decent and finely produced films help people keep themselves away from nefarious activities. This may seem strange but it is true. Several decades ago, way back in early seventies, cinema owners all over Pakistan went on strike to press for acceptance of their demands. Some cine goers finding doors of entertainment closed on them began indulging in anti-social activities. They went back to cinema houses to watch movies after the strike was called off.