a difference of opinion

S:     What has the Muslim world done for the world of science and technological advancement in the last 500 years? Nothing. And yet you still believe we are on the way up?

A:     Well what we have done for the world might not be tangible but we have introduced our pious culture to the world, taught the civilized world how to live on the straight path and perform good deeds.

S:     So you are trying to tell me that no other civilization has done that? It is the height of self deception. I thought you were better than this.

A:     Well we were sent to this land of ours to prepare ourselves for the eternal life if we do the good deeds.

S:     but what are those good deeds? You seem to be confused about them. I think the one who invented the Penicillin did one of the best deeds to fellow human beings and will be rewarded in the life hereafter. Do you remember his name?

A:     Yes. Alexander Fleming. But was he a Muslim?

S:     Do you think it would matter? Don’t you agree that we the Muslims have no contribution in any inventions which we use very pompously these days e.g. Television, radio, internet, airplanes, computers and what not?

A:     Well I realize that but still I think we are better human beings and our colonial past has not helped us.

S:     It's been almost 70 years since partition. Stop making excuses.