Through your newspaper, I want to draw attention towards the hardships faced by single mothers-divorcees, widows and how they have to regularly switch roles between being a mother and a father. They have to provide for the children without any financial or emotional support. They have to run the house and pay all the bills. Single mothers have the hardest job. Especially the ones who are not educated enough to find decent jobs, to earn a respectable living and provide shelter and food for their children. Apart from the burden of responsibilities wage difference and gender bias add to the misery.

It is my most urgent request to the concerned authorities to be vigilant about this dilemma and take appropriate steps to build a working support system for all these single mothers. The state can reimburse them by setting up a funds, particularly dedicated to single mothers or if not that secure jobs for them with decent pay and working environment. We have to take care of our mothers so that they can take care of us.


Karachi, May 21.