LAHORE - Fruits and vegetable vendors in Sunday bazaars as well as in open market of the provincial capital continued overcharge the visitors, as authorities concerned are not taking appropriate measures to check the prices.

The concerned authorities have done little to regularize the prices of vegetables and fruits in the markets giving a free hand to the vendors to fleece the consumers, the visitors said. They said that in various Sunday bazaars vendors have set up stalls and selling vegetables at exorbitant rates.

Overcharging and non-availability of quality items were the main features of the weekly markets, as the government was not taking the matter seriously. Shadman Sunday market is the only focus of the all the district administration as the all ministers, DCO and other administrative staff visit this bazaar for photo session. Resultantly, remaining weekly markets are ignored, encouraging the vendors to overcharge and sell rotten items. Moreover, open market and other Sunday Bazaars are being ignored.

According to rates displayed in one of the major Sunday bazaars of Shadman Colony, prices of tomatoes were fixed at Rs40 per kg but the item was selling at Rs50-60 per kg, onion was fixed at Rs31 per kg but only low quality onions were available in makeshift markets. Only a couple of stalls were offering tomato but not at officials rate.

This week price of onion was stable at Rs40-50 per kg but rotten onion is being sold in Sunday bazaars and in open market. The price of tomato was reduced by Rs10 per kg, fixed at Rs40 per kg. Garlic was fixed at Rs140 per kg, ginger China was gained by Rs25 per kg, fixed at Rs190 per kg, while it was sold at Rs200 per kg. Spinach was fixed at Rs14 to per kg, but sold at Rs20 per kg. Brinjal was stable at Rs20 to 23 per kg, sold at Rs25 per kg.

Arum price was increased by Rs6 per kg, fixed at Rs66 per kg, sold at Rs80 per kg. Lemon was fixed at Rs195 per kg, sold at Rs240 per kg. Cucumber local was reduced by Rs5 per kg, fixed at Rs30, while sold at Rs35 per kg. Bitter gourd was increased by Rs5 per kg, fixed at Rs45 kg but sold at Rs50 per kg.

Shoppers said that the price lists issued by the local administration seems a showpiece in the shops.  The retailers, particularly of fruits and vegetables, continued to fleece the consumers despite tall claims of the authorities concerned to control price hike.