Axact, alleged of selling fake degrees abroad worth billions of dollars, has become the talk of the town. The widely proclaimed biggest IT company of Pakistan, with the mission of winning & caring, is established in Karachi’s DHA with its huge headquarter in a widely spread vicinity and regional offices in Islamabad & Lahore and many other cities of Pakistan.

What is this fake degree distributor up to? How dare they bring shame to Pakistan? And what have they planned to inculcate in the nation and what’s their motive behind creating a media channel?

Well, Axact, a few years ago, announced a Socio-Economic Development or SED-Axact plan that they intended to complete by 2019. SED-Axact plans to fulfill the basic needs of the needy and enable them to contribute as productive members of the society. For that purpose, it contributed a major chunk of its profits directly to that fund. Now the plan actually was fourfold. The first part of the the fake degree distributors’ plan was to educate 10 million Pakistani children that are out of school right now. They intend to induct them in the best quality, free-of-cost educational institute which Axact has already started constructing in Karachi. That school will have 30,000 children initially from all across Pakistan gaining formal education and as soon as it stands on its feet, the school will be opened in every major city of Pakistan.

After spreading this fake education among 10 million Pakistani children, Socio-Economic Development Axact or SED-Axact, will have model homes built for the poor people of Pakistan, along with basic healthy food facility under the head of Food & Shelter.  Upon passing grade 6, the children will be able to write content of international quality, which will be advertised, providing them with a source of income, which they will then use to provide food & shelter for their families. Further, SED-Axact aims to maximize Pakistan’s agricultural productivity. For this reason, it will acquire tracts of land on lease, and by offering modern machinery and technical assistance to farmers, it will modernize the current agricultural landscape of Pakistan. Thereby making food available for everyone, with the same land capacity.

The third developmental step taken by this fake degree distributor would be to spread health awareness by educating children, and by conducting health awareness programs which will cause the elimination of 80% basic health problems from Pakistan. They believe that if the public is enlightened with the basic guidance of health maintenance, we can actually foresee a healthy and thriving Pakistan.

The fourth aim of the organization is to resolve one of the most basic issues of Pakistan's common public. The problem that most of Pakistan's lower & middle class faces in judicial courts of the country on daily basis. Not only is it a scary place for the common man, it has certainly become the place where people do not expect justice from anymore. Axact intends to provide absolutely free of cost judicial assistance for the poor people who get registered with them. Judicial assistance is, in fact, the first tier of this agenda which has actually been implemented and started working already on their website named

But then, out of the blue, this seventeen years old company, which was not that commonly known, in the period of one day steals the headlights of newspapers and news bulletins of media channels. What terrible step Axact, by launching BOL, could possibly have taken to deserve this reaction? Perhaps the medical coverage it provides to not only its officers but even to staff members, their families and parents is the reason? Maybe the systems where even the owner cannot intervene out of the protocols and every morning, as he comes to the office, he "Times" himself in (a term that Axactians/BOL walas uses for attendance) just like any other employee of the company. Maybe it's because BOL will be the first media house of Pakistan where even the technical support staff can enjoy five-star luxurious cafeteria where the editors, chairman and anchors sit.

Maybe all this buzz that all Pakistan's media has created against BOL is to push the junior or technical staff members back to a lifestyle where they have to find keys to the media house owner’s rooms for clean washrooms. The same place where their children aren’t rewarded for their efforts in their educational fields; the same place where employees are not made to be felt secure for their jobs, and respected irrespective of their salaries and designations.